I want to communicate our overall assessment of the service quality related to the recent purchase of our four cell site leases by APWireless. After being approached by a competitor of yours, I reached out to APWireless and one other candidate buyer of cell site lease rents. Unlike others in your industry, Mr. Harvey came accross as both technically knowledgeable and professional manner. He was very informative, not pushy (unlike some of your competition) yet insistent on earning our business. I believe APWireless demonstrated integrity by putting forth a fair offer from the outset. As someone who has been in the commercial real estate industry for over 25 years I was unfamiliar with the intricacies of cell tower leases. Mr. Harvey and his team did a nice job of explaining the nuances to us. After much consideration and offers from the other two companies, my partners and I decided to go with APWireless in large part due to trust we had in Mr. Harvey as well as the terms of the offer. APWireless performed like Mr. Harvey represented they would and closed our transaction in under 30 days. The transaction ended up closing as was stated in the LOI without any re-trading or changing of terms. APWireless was thorough, prompt and professional and we are very happy with the result of our decision to sell. We would gladly recommend APWireless to anyone that is interested in selling their cell site rents.
Joseph Schwenker
Managing Member

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