We would like to thank you for all the facilitation you did in our tower transaction. You were so helpful in providing us information that we needed to make our decisions, so patient with our hesitations, reservations, and busy schedules
that would have frustrated most people, and so friendly and personable to talk to and to meet in person. You did not pressure us when we were having busy schedules and medical issues and either worked around them or graciously waited till the time we told you we could readdress it. Our many questions (sometimes needing explanation several times) were met with patience and your role as a facilitator between the lawyers and us, with all the emails were very prompt, knowledgeable, courteous and patient. You made sure that all our concerns were addressed to our satisfaction. As we moved a little slow in our decision making, we became increasingly impressed as time went on, with your respectfulness of our status and your constant cheerfulness. You made the experience a good one. We are hoping for a good future for this tower and future lessees on it.
Thank you again,
Gary and Carmin Flowers
Litchfield, MN

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