I am very glad that APWireless contacted me about purchasing an easement on my Cell Tower Lease. This Company in general have been a blessing to work with and they have gone the extra mile to ensure our understanding of the process and their commitment to the end results. They are Fair and Honest in their dealings and have answered each of my numerous questions, regardless of my skepticism. In these times, the person who is not a skeptic is generally taken, but APWireless team understood this and basically held my hand completely throughout the process. At times I felt like APWireless had my number in speed dial, they were so good at keeping me informed. I talked with Steve, their V.P. who was also gracious and understanding of my fears. If you deal with these guys you can rest assured they understand your fears and work with you to prove they are who they say they are. I am very Satisfied with the Deal I received from everyone there at APWireless. APWireless took a lot of stress off of me.
Bob Eagle

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