I could easily write a long list of the positive aspects of working at AP Wireless: the flat hierarchy, the international family, the support that we all receive, the sheer challenge in the job, the laughs and talks I share with my colleagues. But if I need to choose one aspect which makes me want to work each day, it’s that each day is different. Each deal is different and triggers you to become better. With each obstacle I encounter, I can rely on my colleagues all over the globe. They give you the resources, the support and insights to overcome this. Each deal is a journey you share with the family.

Nicolas | Acquisition Director, Belgium

I was used to a pyramidal hierarchy, so it took me some time to get used to the open and flat structure of APW. Now, I couldn’t work in another way. Senior APW members invite you to learn and adopt their methods so you can improve as an individual and support your team.
Every day is different, in and outside the office or even abroad during training. You can work in a way you feel comfortable managing your pipeline while doing your own research.

Emmanuel | Acquisition Director, Belgium

Estou na área de telecomunicações a 21 anos, trabalhei em 23 estados brasileiros e em pelo menos 4 países, participei diretamente do nascimento aqui na América do Sul de 3 Tecnologias – GSM/3G e 4G, Quando optei por mudar de área de atuação, focando em adquirir experiência e conhecimento em negociações e contratos a APW surgiu para mim como a melhor oportunidade de trabalho. Agradeço e me esforço a cada dia a oportunidade de aprender mais e ter oportunidades, a APW é isso: OPORTUNIDADES!

Francisco | Acquisition Director, Brazil

From day one I got support and help from everybody in and outside of the office. Nobody is ever too busy to help you out with whatever question you have.
You learn new skills every day and some you even start using in your day to day life.

Dennis | Acquisition Director, Belgium